What is a loading and unloading company?

Loading and Unloading Company (PBM) is a company with legal entity that carries out loading and unloading of goods from and or to the ship, including the activity of unloading goods from the hold of the ship to the dock on the hull of the ship or vice versa (stevedoring), the activity of moving goods from the dock on the hull to the ship. Stacking warehouse / field or vice versa (cargodoring) and activities of taking goods from the warehouse / field being carried on trucks or vice versa (receiving / delivery).

Goods (cargo) services consist of public dock services, special docks, field services, and warehouse services. These services are services that are determined by laws and regulations. But in practice, in collaboration with other companies, PIL runs an integrated service in handling Goods Services, namely


A building or closed place used to store goods originating from the ship or to be loaded onto the ship


An open land within the terminal area that is used to place or stack containers or other goods that are arranged in a planned manner, either goods to be loaded onto the ship or goods after being unloaded from the ship


Work of moving goods from the stockpile / piling place in the warehouse / stacking yard and handing them over until they are arranged on a vehicle at the warehouse door / stacking yard or vice versa

Loading Process and Productions:

* Upon arrival, the loading team will assess the load and arrange the proper gathering method of storage
* Load will be shrink wrapped, crated, and/or boxed according only to PIL procedural specifications
* Once all loads have been properly gathered, loaders will then carefully load onto the set transport container/truck/etc.
* Upon arrival, if unloading service has been requested, PIL will provide a second team at set arrival destination
* Second (Unloading) Team will unload set container/truck/pod/etc. and will proceed to unpack and unwrap all your items
* Once all the unloading has been finished, customer will sign release contract upon completion


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