What is Fulfillment, its Function and How it Works in the Business World?

Fulfillment- In the last 5 years, the development of buying and selling online has increased very rapidly. The existence of marketplaces and e-commerce makes it easier for business people to market their products. So, is everything going well? in fact not.

Various problems experienced by business people in the ease of their process. One of the vital things is the fulfillment of orders to customers. Certainly, this is very timely. How not, you have to process orders from customers, then do the packaging of goods to delivery. Everything has to be done manually. The most efficient way is with employees. For business people whose orders have reached a limit that can’t be counted anymore, how do they do it? Investigate a calibaration, now there is a new method called fullfilment center where you can sell more easily. What do you mean?

What is Fulfillment?

So, this is a ‘shared’ warehouse where all businesses can place their stock there. That way, business people don’t have to bother setting up their own warehouse anymore. All processes are directly handled by the central fulfillment party so that business people only focus on sales. Once in the ‘shared’ warehouse, the process will be handed over to the owner, from collection, packaging to delivery. Business people just sit back and wait for orders to come in.

How Does the Fulfillment Center Work?

In general, fulfillment centers get orders from online stores or it can be directly from the marketplace through an integrated system, so that when there is an order on a sales platform or marketplace such as Tokopedia or Shopee, the order data will be received by the fulfillment center. The fulfillment center has the systems and resources to manage and monitor the movement of products in the warehouse. The fulfillment center of advantages compared to general warehouses is starting to be seen here where at the fulfillment center the smallest unit that can be set is pieces or retail, while in general warehouses it is usually only up to cartons / ctn. Fulfillment center specializes in pick-up and packaging services for products directly to consumers or end users, while in general warehouses, the packaging process is almost non-existent.

The delivery process at the fulfillment center also has differences with general warehouses, at the fulfillment center, there are many general logistics couriers such as JNE, Sicepat will pick up goods at the warehouse, while in general warehouses all deliveries are generally only carried out by their own fleet or logistics that have an exclusive contract with warehouse.

Fulfillment, Solution for Your Warehouse

This is a solution to the problems most often experienced by business people. For those who like to complain that their stock is damaged and have difficulty managing the warehouse, this is the best way to solve their problems. Fulfillment is intended for business people in various sectors ranging from B2B, B2C, B2E and so on. Not afraid of the problem of storing goods will be kept safe and from things that are not wanted. No more worrying about packing because fulfillment offers very neat packing services so that it will have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Quality control is very good, because before the goods enter the warehouse and delivery to the customer, the goods are ensured that there are no defects or damage. The shipping process will be faster. Think that’s about the fulfillment center. For those of you who have an online business and have difficulty managing orders, insufficient storage space, packing and shipping problems, maybe you need to try fulfillment service.